Plumas District Hospital has chosen to assist patients who cannot otherwise afford health care by adopting the following: Help Financial Payment Plans, Prompt Pay Discount, Discount Payment Policy, and Charity Care Policies. With the rising cost of healthcare, patients with commercial insurance or Medicare may also benefit from these programs. Each program's details are listed below.

There are organizations that will help patients understand the billing and payment process.

Help Financial Payment Plans

Plumas District Hospital is partnering with HELP Financial to offer our patients an affordable option to pay their bill over time. All patients will now have access to a 0.00% APR payment plan. HELP Payment Plans include the option for family accounts to be combined into one account, with the ability to easily add future bills. Contact the Plumas District Hospital business office for more information at:

(530) 283-7400 - Main Billing Office
Phone: 530-283-2121 extension 7997

Click here to enroll in HELP Payment Plans

Prompt Pay Discount

You may be eligible to receive up to a 20% discount if amount owed is paid in full by the due date on your statement. Call a Patient Financial Counselor to find out how at 530.283.7400

  • Applies to amounts $100.00 or more
  • Automatic discount - the patient does not have to request the discount
  • Available to all patients with commercial insurance or Medicare*

*Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services, HHS Regulations [42 C.F.R. Section 435.831 (d)] prohibits prompt pay discounts to Medi-Cal recipient's share of cost.

Discount Payment Policy

The Discount Payment Policy applies to all uninsured or under-insured patients receiving hospital, not clinic, services (lab work, MRIs, CTs, ER visits, inpatient stays, etc.), who meet the guidelines of this policy and agree to its terms. A sliding fee schedule based on the HHS Poverty Guidelines will be used to determine the qualifying income levels of applicants. Guidelines are subject to change annually.

Patients interested in this service may fill out the Financial Assistance Application and submit the other required documentation to one of our Patient Financial Counselors. Annual reenrollment is necessary to maintain your discount.

Charity Care Policy

The Charity Care Policy provides financial assistance to patients who have health care needs and are uninsured, under-insured, ineligible for a government program, and are otherwise unable to pay for medically necessary care based on their individual needs. A graduated schedule based on the annual HHS Poverty Guidelines, as well as assessment of the patient’s monetary assets will be used to determine the qualifying income and asset levels of applicants. Guidelines are subject to change yearly based on the HHS Poverty Guidelines.

Price Transparency

Plumas District Hospital is dedicated to making our pricing publicly available so that you can make more informed decisions about your healthcare costs.

View Hospital Price List

Contact Information

Patient Financial Counseling
Phone: 530-283-2121 extension 7997
Fax: 530-283-7946

Helpful Information

For helpful information regarding the billing and payment process, please visit the Health Consumer Alliance.

For helpful information regarding California based health insurance, and health insurance assistance, please visit the Covered California website.

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